FLY SAFE with PRIST Hi-Flash
Anti—icing Aviation Fuel Additive

Safer and easier to handle than conventional anti—icing fuel additives

PRIST Hi-Flash™ anti-icing fuel additive was developed to meet the high demands of the aviation industry. This next-generation additive is less toxic, less volatile and much easier to use compared to conventional additives.

Why You Should Use a Fuel Additive

To fly more safety, all aircraft without fuel heaters must use an anti-icing fuel additive. The formation of ice crystals in fuel tanks can block an aircraft's fuel line or filter, causing engine failure. PRIST Hi-Flash fuel additive controls icing in aircraft fuel by depressing the freezing point of water.

Without the use of a hight performing fuel additive such as PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive, it is possible for the dissolved water to convert into ice crystals or remain as a super-cooled liquid. When super-cooled water strikes a tubing bend or a filter, it can freeze quickly and block a fuel line or filter.

It is at this point that PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive encapsulates the water molecules. It will either carry the water molecule to be burned with the fuel or carry the water molecules down to the bottom of the wing to be drained off when the aircraft lands on the ground. periodically, the wing tanks should be emptied to eliminate the collection of heavy water.

Controlling Fuel System Icing

PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive has limited solubility in jet fuel, but it is completely soluble in water. When dissolved water seperates from the fuel, some amount of PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive quickly leaves the fuel and preferantially dissolves in the water. This depresses the water's freezing point.

As the fuel gets colder and more water particles appear, an increased quantity of PRIST HI-Flash Fuel additive leaves the fuel and enters the water. This process ensures your aircraft's fuel lines stay clear.

Military and ASTM Approved

PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive is authorized by the United States Armed Forces under Military Specification MIL-DTL-85470(B), and by the ASTM under Standard D4171 for use in civilian jet fuel as a fuel system icing inhibitor. As part of its ASTM approval process, the formulation of PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive was analyzed and approved by turbing engine and turbine aircraft airframe manufactures worldwide.

PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive is recommended for every refueling at a dosage rate of .1% minimum to .15% maximum by volume. For your convenience, PRIST HI-Flash fuel additive comes in six package size:

  • 8 oz. Lo-Flo aerosol cans
  • 20 oz. Hi-Flo aerosol cans
  • 5-Gallon Pail - Holds enough additive to treat 5,000 gallons of fuel
  • 55-Gallon Drum - For the most economical bulk treatment of fuel
  • 350-Gallon totes
  • Bulk loads
Volume Per
Net Weight
Per Package
Net Weight
Per Shipping Unit
U.S. Liters Lb Kg Lb Kg Lb Kg
84134 8 oz. .237 24 cans/case 8 3.6 .5 .23 6 2.7
36437 20 oz. .592 24 cans/case
6can packs
43 19.5 1.25 .57 30 13.6
44637 5 gal. 18.9 1 45 20.5 42 19.0 42 19.0
35737 55 gal. 208.2 1 515 233.6 469 212.7 469 212.7

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